Overhead Storage Safety Net 24" x 96" (White)

Item Number: SR-SafteyNet24x96
MSRP: $24.95
Sale Price: $20.95
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Safety nets are a great accessory for Overhead garage storage racks. Safety nets are easily added to any of our steel overhead shelves. The safety net keeps the items stored on the shelf from falling or shifting in the event of an earthquake, or just when you’re rummaging around among the shelved items you won’t be able to accidentally knock something off the shelf to the garage floor.

  • The open-mesh style of the safety nets ensures that adequate ventilation will always be available for the stored items (as does the heavy-duty wire decking on which the items sit).
  • Ventilation lessens the possibility of mold and mildew accumulating in moist climates.
  • The safety nets are easily removed or dropped for access to the stored materials, then reattached for security.
  • Heavy duty net to keep your stored items from falling. This is 1 piece of netting with the dimensions of 24"H x 96"W.
  • If you want to cover all sides of rack you will need to order multiple pieces.

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