Atmor 13kW/240-Volt 2.25 GPM Electric Tankless Water Heater with Pressure Relief Device, On demand Water Heater

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ATMOR 900 series Electric Tankless Water Heaters revolutionize hot water heaters with technology that provides you with unlimited hot water when you need it, without the wait or worry of ever running out. By automatically activating once water flow is sensed and shuts off when it stops, you'll lower your water consumption and eliminating costly water waste.  The ATMOR Electric Tankless Instant Water Heater is the eco-friendly, efficient and convenient solution you have been looking for, delivering an endless supply of hot water instantly at the point of use only when you need it. It is suitable for both residential and commercial applications, even in your RV, so you can enjoy a continuous flow of hot water whenever you want. Best of all, unlike a gas water heater, the compact design requires no venting, giving you the flexibility to install anywhere inside your home or garage.  The compact footprint of this device can be installed against the wall either under the sink out of sight or near the point of use, where its elegant design blends into your home environment among other appliances.  Remember inlet temps vary by location and seasonality. Selecting the right water heater depends on your incoming water temperature, flow rate, and desired output temperature. To help with making sure this unit is suitable for your need, please see our selection guide below or call our support team at 888.783.6082.

• Perfect point-of-use hot water solution for a full bathroom
• Unit requires a 240V connection and 60 Amp dedicated, double phase, with a 6/2 with ground AWG wire size
• Pole breaker 3 settings: High – 13kW, Medium – 8.5kW, Low – 4.5kW
• 3 Settings: High – 13kW, Medium – 8.5kW, Low – 4.5kW
• Includes a pressure relief device
• Standard 1/2 in. NPT (straight thread) fittings
• 2 year limited warranty, 7 years free from leakage
• Instant and endless hot water on demand without the wait or worry of ever running out
• Save up to 50% on your water heating costs
• Conserves energy - activates only with water flow at 0.5 GPM
• Eliminates the wait for hot water and water wastage
• Ideal for commercial or residential
• Compact, eco-friendly design, made up of recycled material, installs neatly underneath sink
• No venting necessary
• Certified LEAD free
• Inner workings (ie canister) of this ATMOR unit is primarily constructed with a commercial grade, heavy duty, heat resistant polymer composition reinforced with a fiber glass compound to complement its durability, stiffness, finish and strength, such thermoplastic materials are increasingly used across the automotive, consumer industrial, medical and energy markets, to enhance product performance and increase consumer safety
• Note: unit must be professionally installed into electrical supply
• Reference our guide to confirm if this is the right tankless water heater for your area/needs, to help with this, please see our selection guide below or call our support team at 888.783.6082
• Unit must be professionally installed into electrical supply

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