BendPak APX-TS1 Tire Shop Accessory Pack

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Frame Cradle Pads (60 mm) (5215761)

Frame Cradle Pads / 60 mm Pin / SET OF 4

If you've got a heavy vehicle to lift, especially a truck, then you're going to want a set of these BendPak frame cradle pads. Sturdy steel construction keeps the frame firmly between the cradle, while the treaded rubber mats protect the finish and reduce the chance of slippage.


Truck Cone Kit (5150555)

Wheel Balancer Truck Cone / Spacer Kit Set / Fits 36 mm Shaft

For better, more versatile wheel service, each Ranger truck cone and backing plate kit fits almost every medium and heavy‚Äźduty truck wheel on the market. Fits 36 mm shaft.



Tape Wheel Weights / Combo (5150230)

Adhesive Steel Wheel Weights / Combo / ROLLS (1400 pcs. - 0.25 oz. - 1/2" Wide - 22 lbs.)

This combo Quick-Peel™ adhesive steel wheel weights are an effective and environmentally friendly way to quickly balance wheels using as little weight as possible.

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