BendPak RS7580H-603 7.5 HP RotaryScrew Air Compressor

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With high performance, efficiency and
reliability in mind, the BendPak Hush-Quiet RS7580H‐603 rotary
screw air compressor meets the compressed air needs of high-volume automotive shops and facilities around the world. Whether it's tires, general maintenance, fleet, vehicle body repair/modification, paint or an entire dealership, count on the RS7580H-603 for all your compressed air needs.

BendPak’s Hush‐Quiet RS7580H‐603 rotary screw air compressor is designed to tackle the compressed air needs of any kind of automotive shop or facility. It's an exceptional product in a world of copy cats, but the thing that really stands out about the Hush-Quiet series is what you notice. That is to say, a whole lot of noise. Our exclusive Hush-Quiet technology makes the RS7580H-603 the perfect compressor to install in noise conscious service areas.

Rotary screw air compressors have become a popular source of compressed air for industrial applications. ​The principle is simple: air enters a sealed chamber, where it is trapped between two contra‐rotating rotors (Asymmetric Profile screws). As the rotors intermesh, they ​rapidly reduce the volume of trapped air to deliver it compressed at the desired pressure level.

When this simple compression concept is combined with continuous contact cooling, the rotary screw air compressor operates with temperatures approximately half of those generated by a typical reciprocating piston compressor. This lower temperature enables the rotary screw air compressor run at full load, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. So if your automotive facility or shop has extraordinary compressed air demands, the Hush-Quiet RS7580H-603 rotary screw air compressor is the absolute ideal industrial application for all your needs.

How the RS7580H‐603 Rotary Screw Compressor Works
The asymmetric profile screw set is driven by a 7.5‐HP electric motor and triple‐belt drive. Atmospheric air is drawn through the inlet filter into the asymmetric profile screw set. Here is where the air is compressed. BendPak's specially devoloped PowerCool synthetic lubricant is injected into the screw set to serve three important roles: coolant, lubricant and sealant. Under normal conditions the air reaches a maximum temperature of ​around 80°C during compression. ​Then the dual‐stage separator removes ​any cooling fluid from the compressed air. The cooling fluid is recycled, passing through the cooler, the micro‐filter and all the way back to the point of injection. Meanwhile, we regulate and optimize the air and fluid temperature with a clever thermostatic valve.The air emerges from the separator cartridge with a ​total fluid content of less than 2 mg/m³ before passing through the minimum pressure check valve and, at last, through the after-cooler. In the after‐cooler, we further reduce the air temperature between 5 and 10 degrees above ambient. Most of the moisture in the air condenses here and is easy to separate and remove in the downstream centrifugal separator. Now, the air can finally leave the compressor via outlet and applied to any automotive job you need.

​More Than Just a Simple Screw
BendPak's asymmetric rotor profiles with precision ground lobe configuration provide higher compressed air ​output without trading for higher power consumption. Each rotor is fitted with high‐precision bearings allowing ​for a significantly increased air end life. Multiple shaft seals are also there to provide total protection from oil and other contaminants. Finally, toothed safety washers and a special locking nut ensure that the rotor tolerances are set throughout the life of the unit for improved reliability, stability and longevity.

Hush‐Quiet™ Design
A specially engineered double‐shaft asymmetric profile screw set combined with a virtually sound‐proof insulated enclosure and our innovative cooling fan gives RS7580H‐603 users an almost silent air supply 365 days a year.compressors-collage.jpg

True Trouble-Free Operation
With no ​parts to wear down, the RS7580H‐603 offers ​superior reliability and significantly reduced maintenance costs.  reliability and reduced maintenance costs. Simply, there are no piston rings, valves, rod‐inserts, bushings and pistons just waiting to fail. There are no valves, valve plates or valve strips to service. With extended service intervals, you can save time and money. ​And convenient service panels allow you to easily access all the necessary internal components for occasional servicing. All regular maintenance can be performed from the comfort of your own shop at your leisure. But we do provide annual maintenance contracts for customers who​ prefer the assurance that their QRS compressor is always operating at peak performance. Ask for details.

Reduced Long Term Operating Costs
This is a big deal. Energy costs ​represent a significant portion of any compressed air system's total lifetime cost. In fact, the amount of energy required to run a traditional compressor for just one year can exceed the compressor purchase price! Over a period of 10 years, energy normally totals 70% of the overall costs. The efficient design of the BendPak Hush‐Quiet RS7580H‐603 rotary screw air compressor can reduce this burden significantly.

Revolutionary Control
Our easy-to-understand touch‐pad control automatically regulates and monitors ​the rotary screw air compressor via an industrial-​grade PC with real-time operating system. The four‐line, plain‐text display with touch keys and menu‐guided screens offer users clear function choices. At the same time, the controller manages the system​ by monitoring temperatures and pressures in order to protect your investment ​and ensuring you extract maximum energy efficiency and performance from every single kilowatt you use.

Running Cool

When designing the RS7580H‐603, we paid great attention to providing a ventilation and heat exchange system that guaranteed excellent cooling​ in even the harshest environmental conditions. With efficient, high-capacity cooling fans and oversized cooling intakes and discharge ducts, we're happy to report we've surpassed our own expectations. And we'll surpass yours, too.

PowerCool Lubricant
PowerCool lubricant is a specialized synthetic coolant ​engineered to achieve peak compressor performance for rotary screw air compressors. The unique PowerCool ​formula allows for long life, excellent cooling performance and improved compressor efficiency.
• Two years/8,000 hours useful life, saving you money on cost and disposal
• Low carryover up to 75% lower than mineral oils and PAOs, which means less fluid for makeup and less contamination.
• Superior compressor performance means lower cost benefits due to excellent cooling and efficiency.
• Lower maintenance costs, because PowerCool lubricant can be changed up to eight times less often than most other lubricants


Standard Features

  • Variable speed drive controls with timed shutdown
  • Hush‐Quiet super silenced insulated enclosure  
  • Fully open access doors for easy service
  • Auto‐dual control energy saver
  • Spin on oil filter
  • Heavy duty inlet filter
  • Twin toothed drive belts provide greater durability and more efficient power transmission
  • Precision‐aligned, high‐quality roller bearings designed to withstand the most demanding conditions and extend service life.
  • Asymmetric rotary screw with oil injection
  • Compact design
  • Phase protection ‐ safety feature
  • Dual filtration  
  • Spin on oil separator
  • Air cooled after cooler
  • Metal cabinet features sound proof panels with washable high density foam
  • Efficiency and reliability are designed into the asymmetric profile screw set with excellent inlet flow characteristics.

Electronic Control Panel Features

  • Outlet air pressure
  • Oil temperature  
  • Check push button for warning LED's
  • Custom operating parameters
  • Stop push button
  • Emergency stop push button
  • Hour counter
  • Pressure differential meter
  • Maintenance information
  • Calendar
  • Start push button 
  • Offers easy and immediate access to data

Safety System

  • Warning for all shutdown
  • Main motor overload shutdown   
  • Energy shutdown 
  • Phase or sequence shutdown 
  • Rotor lock protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • High discharge pressure shutdown
  • Dirty air filter warning
  • Periodic maintenance warnings  
  • Pressure relief valve
  • Unbalance protection
  • Emergency stop button
  • High screw set discharge temperature shutdown
  • Temperature sensor fault shutdown


  • Running HP: 7.5
  • Max PSI: 150   
  • CFM@150 PSI: 21.3 
  • Voltage: 208-230V AC 
  • Phase: 3
  • Peak Amp Draw: 40
  • Tank: 80 Gal. / 300 L.
  • Tank Orientation: Horizontal
  • Sound Level dBA: 64 
  • Motor RPM: 3,450
  • Duty Cycle: Continuous
  • Ambient Temp. Range (F): 33 to 104 Degrees
  • Width: 50"/ 1270 mm.
  • Depth: 32"/ 812 mm.
  • Height: 58.5"/ 1480 mm.
  • Shipping Weight: 630 lbs.

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