Cleaning and garage storage ideas

Garage Storage Ideas

If you're looking for ways to organize your garage, probably a good first step is to de-clutter. That is, grab a handful of garbage bags or boxes, and either throw away or donate items you don't need or no longer use. Sometimes people will do this by taking everything in the space and spreading it out in the front yard. You can do this, but it may be a more manageable approach to tackle one wall or corner at a time, bringing your throw-away and give-away bags with you as you go. That way, if you get interrupted by an invite to the neighbor's barbeque, you won't have to leave everything lying in your yard. Plus, it's often more manageable to do a little at a time. Once you've eliminated everything you don't want, clean things up and wipe things down thoroughly, and then relax in front of your computer monitor, browsing at the greatgarage storageideas available to you at You'll find cabinets, hooks, workbenches, power outlet strips and overheadgarage storage systems. Soon you'll have the kind of serenity that only comes with cleanliness and order.


Prep for overhead garage storage, etc.

Overhead Garage Storage

Another nice idea when you are getting your vehicle's "e;home"e; spruced up and organized, after you've ordered your new overhead garage storage, but before it arrives, is to give the walls and possibly the ceiling a fresh coat of paint. A pale, calming, neutral color is a good choice. Be sure to rid the corners and walls of dirt and cobwebs, and then spread a coat of primer on the surfaces. This ensures a great finish and reliable adherence. You'll find lots of garage storage ideas online, and once you've painted your de-cluttered space, it will be such a pleasure to install your cabinetry and other items. It might look so nice you'll want to put the couch in there and maybe the TV. Hey, it's your garage; do what you