You've got your basic bench. Heavy duty steel, powder-coated, and a solid maple top. That's not all though. You can get a backsplash for yourworkbench organizerto expand the number of outlets options, and the rolling tool chests available to dock under can double as extended work surface space. You just add the fitted maple top to them. Makes your six or eight foot solid hard maple UV coated top a few feet longer. All of this is brought to you by Gladiator'sstorage systems, and Gladiator is brought to you by us at We must say we are so proud to represent these fine purveyors of garage work bench ingenuity. Just when you're impressed with what you know about these guys, they show you more. Wow.


Maple topped rolling tool chests

Gladiator Garage Cabinets

Sounds almost like a pastry, doesn't it? Like something you pick out of a glass case at the bakery to go with your coffee on a chilly December Saturday morning? Maple topped rolling tool chests...Okay, well, maybe not pastry, but sounds pretty good anyway, doesn't it? That's because it is. These components, by Gladiator of garage work bench fame, make garage fanatics across the States salivate. Not only are they cleverly fitted with bumpers, moveable rear wheels, foam lined drawers to eliminate tool slippage, and ruggedly handsome facades, they are sturdy with a capital F, and that stands for Forever, and that rhymes with Gladiator. Or maybe not...You know what we mean. Stop in at for a cup of coffee and a "e;maple-topped"e; today.