Gladiator Floor Tile

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Gladiator Black Floor Tile (24-Pack)
Sale Price: $139.99
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Gladiator Blue Floor Tile (24-Pack)
Sale Price: $139.99
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Gladiator Floor Pad (32 sq. ft.)
Sale Price: $249.99
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Gladiator White Floor Tile (24-Pack)
Sale Price: $139.99
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If you’re serious about your cars then you should consider installing a gladiator garage flooring tiles. These tiles give your garage that professional showroom look and offer functionality that a traditional concrete floor can’t match. From slip resistance, to chemical resistance, to improved drainage, these tiles will take your garage floor to the next level, all while making it look like a million bucks.

Our garage floor tiles are available in a variety of colors allowing you to create checker board patterns, stripes, or boarders. Whether you’re interested in a wall to wall installation or just creating parking pads for your cars, motorcycles, ATVs, and tractors, we have everything you need to get the job done. Choose from different tile styles and sizes to create your perfect garage floor.      

Every Gladiator floor tile features a tough diamond plate design for traction. Each tile is rated to hold 250 lbs per square inch and stand up to extreme temperatures, so you know they will last. Gladiator tiles also carry a 10 year warranty so you can be confident in their performance.