Gladiator garage flooring trim

Gladiator Garage Flooring

It comes in a pack of six and has one corner. It's black with a tapered edge so you'll step onto it without even noticing. There are interlocking tabs, male and female. You use it at will. What in the world is this, you ask? Well, just the next best thing since the nine plug outlet panel that fits so nicely on the back of your workbench and allows you to plug in your Fender Stratocaster when it's time to jam with the other "e;Genius Suburban Mechanix"e; in your wicked good band. It's Black Edge Trim from Gladiator, of course.Garage flooringby the same maker is finished with these great edging tiles, and the combination of the two products is nicely designed to make the best floor you can put down under your car or truck. You thought all you wanted was plain old commercial-grade garage flooring, and then you saw the exciting options at

Commercial-grade garage flooring

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Man, they think of everything, don't they? You thought you were going to have to forego theGladiator garage flooring, didn't you? And then you saw the drain tiles. Problem solved. Now if you have a floor drain in your garage (you lucky stiff), you'll keep your access with these cool tiles. Charcoal toned with open grates that allow things to drain the way they're supposed to, these tiles interlock just like the other flooring components. Commercial-grade garage flooring can't be improved upon, you'll see, once you've got the interlocking tiles, trim, drain pieces and other excellent storage and workbench options fitted into you garage. In fact, once you've gone Gladiator, it's not getting any better.