Motorized Lift Systems

A small garage space can make it challenging to keep your motorcycle out of the way.  If you prefer to protect your motorcycle from the elements or to keep it secure by storing inside, you may get irritated with the lack of space.  Motorized garage lifts can assist you in creating a storage area that will allow you to have your motorcycle safely stored out of harm’s way without continuing to create space problems.  Motorized garage lifts allow you to store vertically, placing your motorcycle and other large items in a protected space while preserving the floor space needed for other vehicles or tools.

Motorized lift systems displayed include the Deluxe Loft-It Lift System, a quality system that has a lifting capacity of 1200 pounds.  This choice of motorized lift systems also works for storing boxes and bins, garden tractors or ride-on lawn mowers.  The system doesn’t obstruct floor space, allowing you to make better use of your garage floor.  Operated with the turn of a key, the lift is easy to raise and lower.  The system can be housed with an optional enclosure.