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Ranger RV-80L Heavy-Duty Tire Vulcanizer
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When tire repair is your best option, make sure that you have Ranger's full line of tire repair products to back you up. At Ranger, we know that sometimes replacing a tire with a tire changer is either not the best choice or simply not feasible. That's why we provide every type of high-quality tire repair product in order to ensure that your garage or shop is equipped with impeccable tire repair equipment, allowing you to better cater to all of your clients' tire repair needs. Ranger is here to help with a full suite of tire repair equipment, each one designed to aid at every point of the tire repair process.

Our test tanks, tire spreaders and vulcanizers are some of the best in the business and will get your satisfied customers back on the road with repaired tires in record time. For instance, the Ranger RWS-55TD tire and tube test tank is there to assist operators in leak-finding missions, drastically reducing the length of time it takes to discover problematic tire damage and to quicken the entire tire repair process. Pneumatic wheel lift is foot operated, so handling the wheel itself is a hassle-free procedure. And with a pivoting 500-lb. capacity tire handler, you only need the strength of your hand to manipulate and submerge the entire wheel assembly into the tank for easy dual-sided inspection.