iDEAL FR Professional Measuring Kit (250mm - 2955mm)

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Our Pro Measuring Kit is a precision measuring device used to verify specific measuring points on uni-body and framed vehicles during collision repairs. Particularly useful when making structural and sheet metal repairs to insure those repairs return the damaged vehicle to factory specifications.

  • Measures from 250MM(9.8″) – 2955MM(116.3″)
  • Precision triple telescoping aluminum scale
  • Bubble level integrated into head for accurate measuring
  • Laser carved, easy to read scale
  • 16 measuring probe tips from 8MM-28MM
  • Small, medium and large cone tips and tip holders
  • Magnetic probe for automatic centering
  • Vehicle measurement data 1992-2013
  • Instructional and Vehicle Data disks included
  • Durable, light weight aluminum case