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Gladiator Garage Compactor
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While the garage may have once simply served as storage for vehicles, lawnmowers and shovels, in many homes it has grown into a space all its own – a retreat, entertainment area, workspace, and/or hub for keeping the home running cleanly and smoothly. Our selection of garage accessories and appliances were each crafted with these things in mind, and can play an important role in helping you develop a home that works for you. After all, most of us are spending more time at home than ever, investing money in our homes themselves instead of spending it elsewhere. The right garage appliances can play an integral role in streamlining your life while providing you with the essential components to make your space all it can be.

Wish you had more space to stock up on food and save by buying in bulk? The Gladiator Chillerator from Whirlpool can make that wish a reality. Designed to withstand extreme temperatures, these garage appliances are not only ideal for bulk shoppers, but also those of us who entertain often, spend most weekends grilling, or are tired of the kids tracking dirt inside the house every time they want water or an ice pop! As for the perfect complement to these garage appliances – the Gladiator garage compactor. Keep your household and outdoor waste out of the way and spare your home the germs and odors associated with keeping it indoors. Cut down on disposal costs in areas where you pay by the bag, and save on bags themselves. The right garage accessories and appliances can help you make your garage a true extension of your home; far more than simply an indoor parking spot. Let the selection from show you how!