Bendpak EV4000SL 4,000 Lb. EV Battery Pack And Powertrain Lifting System / Portable / Scissors / Full-Rise

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BendPak’s revolutionary Mobi-EVS™ is a full-rise battery powered mobile scissor lift table that is perfectly suited for Electric Vehicle Service and EV Battery Pack replacement. With its compact design, this space-saving scissor lift can be easily transported anywhere in the workplace, making it ideal for multi-bay facilities or work places with confined areas.

With a press of the button on the pendant control, the lift platform elevates to more than 6 feet in less than 20 seconds. The Mobi-EVS features state-of-the-art engineering and technology within an elegant design that sets a new industry benchmark for performance and versatility.

The Mobi-EVS lift table is a multi-functional scissor lift that features multiple recessed anchoring locations for accommodating a variety of modular fixtures, adapters and accessories. Each can be repositioned or removed as applications dictate.


Built Smart, Built Tough, Built To Last.

Every EV4000SL features a 1/4-inch thick steel-reinforced deck plate that minimizes deflection, maximizes load stability, and greatly extends the life of the lift. For added strength and durability, structural steel channels are placed in both upper and lower frame sections providing additional rigidity and resistance to twisting or bending under load. Additional structural cross-members at every pivot joint in the scissor assembly minimizes leg deflection due to twisting or spreading under high, uneven loading.

Full Length Utility Trays

During EV battery pack service, having all the necessities in easy reach is one of the most impactful strategies you can use to increase workplace productivity. All Mobi-EVS lifts feature full length utility trays on both sides of the lift that provide ample storage for tools and fasteners within reach during all stages of service and battery pack removal for higher productivity on the shop floor.

Stowable Tow Bar

The tow bar handle can be stowed when not in use for space-saving convenience. The stow-and-go handle provides a space-saving solution by allowing users to quickly detach the tow handle from the lift providing more workaround clearance.

DC Electric Power System With Onboard Charging

Features a heavy-duty 12V DC power unit with deep cycle battery, an onboard battery charger, and battery charge indicator gauge that accurately displays the charge condition of the lift battery at all times.

Sized For Optimum Versatility

The 40” x 60” lift platform is ideal for safe, stable and delicate handling of battery packs and powertrain components through replacement and handling procedures. The lift rises to nearly six feet in less than 20 seconds and safely supports an industry-leading 4000-pound payload more securely than anything in its class.

Manual Floor Locks

Single-action tandem floor locks act as a parking brake when the lift is being loaded or used during battery pack and drivetrain installation. Spring-loaded foot operation locks and releases easily and durable urethane bottom pad offers maximum gripping power.

Zero-Throw Casters for Extreme Maneuverability

Revolutionary turn-on-a-dime zero-throw casters allow the lift table to move and change direction effortlessly, requiring a fraction of the effort normally associated with plain swivel casters. Durable nylon wheels help protect floor finishes and provide smooth mobility over uneven or rough surfaces.

Powder Coat Paint Finish

Each EV4000SL sports a durable baked-on powder coat finish that gives the metal a high-quality, sturdy finish that can withstand even the harshest environmental or chemical conditions. This results in a more robust coating with a better finish than baked enamel, without the environmental concerns of a solvent paint process.

Side-To-Side Adjustments Made Easy

Integrated slip-plate deck features low rolling resistance maintenance-free ball retainers and nylon bearings that enable effortless side-to-side shifting of the tabletop for even more adjustability and precise alignment. 1-1/2” of adjustment in both axis’ allows a variety of positioning options and increased versatility when servicing heavy batteries or powertrain components.

Impact Resistant Protection

Extremely durable and impact-resistant Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene protects the tabletop from wear and tear and provides a low-friction surface allowing technicians to shift heavy components back and forth on the tabletop with less effort.

Remote Control Operation

A standard hand pendant controller made of high-impact ABS plastic features an eightfoot lead, allowing convenient one-man control on all sides of the lift. An Emergency Stop shuts off power to the lift instantly with a simple push of a button. Included is a convenient storage bracket that safely stows the hand pendant when not in use.

Adjustable Screw Jacks

Adjustable screw jacks on each corner provide effortless pitch and roll adjustments for precise alignment and leveling of EV batteries, engine and drivetrain assemblies, fuel tanks, and more. This patented design greatly reduces the amount of time and effort required by technicians when adjustments are required.

Hydraulic Fail-Safe Circuit

Integrated hydraulic velocity fuses completely stop the lift in the unlikely event of uncontrolled descent due to a sudden hydraulic system failure. The velocity fuse monitors the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid out of the cylinder and locks the platform in place if it exceeds the allowable rate.

Multi-Position Mechanical Safety Lock

The EV4000AL has three safety lock positions (low, mid-level, and max height) which lets you select the right height for your needs. The safety lock secures the load whenever the platform is lowered and pressure is relieved from the hydraulic pistons. A handsfree release operation allows you to efficiently raise, then lower the lift to the desired height, all from the pendant control.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Mobi-EVS lifts are backed by a 24-month limited warranty on the hydraulic system (including power unit and cylinders); an 18-month limited warranty on the complete structure; and 12-month coverage on parts, hardware, and on-site labor. Providing the best warranty in the business is proof that we took a little extra care building your lift, and every precaution was taken to maintain the highest degree of quality, dependability and reliability. For full details, visit

Twin Hydraulic Cylinders

Twin hydraulic cylinders feature welded construction, chrome-plated rods, and high polished bores for extended seal life. Proprietary seal design reduces leakage and increased seal life for long-lasting, dependable operation.


  • Lifting Height 75.75" (1,924 mm)
  • Platform Capacity 4,000 lbs. (1,814 kg)
  • Overall Length 90" (2,286 mm)
  • Overall Length (Handle Stowed) 65" (1,651 mm)
  • Overall Width 46" (1,168 mm)
  • Platform Size 40" x 60" (1,016 mm x 1,524 mm)
  • Stowed Height 21.5" (546 mm)
  • Raise / Lower Time (Max. Rise) 18 seconds
  • Power Source 12V deep cycle DC battery
  • Weight 1,076 lbs. (489 kg)
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Product Manual/Brochure: