Bendpak EVS4500 4,500 Lb. Cap. / EV Battery Pack and Powertrain Lift Table / Rechargeable 12V / Incl. Battery

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With a press of the button on the pendant control, the lift platform elevates to more than 6 feet in less than 20 seconds. Mobi-EVS lift tables feature state-of-the-art engineering and technology within an elegant design that sets a new industry benchmark for performance and versatility.

Our Mobi-EVS models are multi-functional scissor-style lifts that feature multiple recessed anchoring locations for accommodating a variety of modular fixtures, adapters, and accessories. Each can be repositioned or removed as applications dictate.

The 63” x 42.5” lift platform is the perfect size for safe handling of heavy battery packs and powertrain systems. The platform surface features multiple recessed anchoring locations for accommodating a variety of modular fixtures, adapters, and accessories that can be repositioned or removed as applications dictate.

Twin hydraulic cylinders feature welded construction, chrome-plated rods, and high polished bores for extended seal life. Proprietary seal design reduces leakage and increased seal life for long-lasting, dependable operation.

Mobi-EVS systems feature a heavy-duty 12V DC power unit with deep cycle battery, an onboard battery charger, and battery charge indicator gauge that accurately displays the charge condition of the lift battery at all times.

Extremely durable and impact-resistant Ultra-High Molecular Weight (UHMW) Polyethylene protects the tabletop from wear and tear and provides a low-friction surface allowing technicians to shift heavy components back and forth on the tabletop with less effort. The UHMW also acts as an insulation barrier that prevents direct contact between electrical components and the conductive surface of the steel platform.

BendPak’s AP series pairs extremely well with the Mobi-EVS line of lift tables. As the shift from gas engines to EV’s grows, so does the need to safely handle the increased weight and EV-specific jacking points. Our newest 10AP two-post lift offers a generous 10,000 lb. lifting capacity combined with newly patented Bi-Metric™ triple-telescoping arms that are perfectly suited for EV service and more.

The Mobi-EVS boasts an array of thoughtfully integrated ergonomic features that seamlessly merge user comfort and operational efficiency. These features collectively empower mechanics to work more efficiently, minimizing fatigue and maximizing their overall output within the dynamic automotive workshop environment.


  • Zero-throw casters for extreme maneuverability
  • Stowable Tow Bar
  • Twin hydraulic cylinders
  • Tri-caster locking pin
  • DC Electric power system with onboard charging
  • Multi-point safety locks
  • Remote control operation
  • Full-length utility trays
  • Manual floor locks
  • Dual scissor design
  • 12-Volt deep cycle battery
Lifting Capacity: 4,500 lbs. / 2,041 kg
Maximum Rise: 77.75 in. / 1,972 mm
Overall length: 91.25 in. / 2,318 mm
Top Deck length (with handles): 71.25 in. / 1,807 mm
Top Deck Length: 63 in. / 1,600 mm
Overall Width (with handles): 53 in / 1,348 mm
Top Deck Width: 42.75 in. / 1,088 mm
Screw Jack Max. Adjustment: 1.5 in. / 38 mm
Minimum Deck Height: 34.25 in. / 868 mm
Height of Steering Handle: 39.25 in. / 997 mm
Motor: 12VDC
Operating Pressure at Max Load: 1720 psi
Battery Charger: Input: 120 VAC, 60 Hz. / Output: 12VDC, 15A
Battery Charge Time: 10-12 Hours to full charge from ≈20%
Lifting Time: ≈18 seconds
Weight: 1,918 lbs. / 870 kg
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