Exhaust Pipe Benders

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BendPak 300-1 Large 3" Die Package
MSRP: $1,235.00
Sale Price: $1,030.00
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Pipe benders are our longest running legacy here at BendPak, and as the inspiration for the first half of our name, we take particular pride in each one we design, manufacture and roll out. Every new line of  Bendpak pipe benders builds upon the success of its predecessor, ensuring another step of pure pipe bending perfection with each model.

We've been at this for more than three decades and we have a crystal clear view of what works and what doesn't. But more than anything else, our single overriding priority with each pipe bender we create is unmatched performance and quality. BendPak assembly personnel and R&D teams test each bender as it comes off the assembly line, closely scrutinizing every detail to make sure it works as good as or better than designed. The BendPak name has long stood for the benchmark of quality. When it comes to a BendPak Bender, it's like our name's on it twice.