Ranger R745 Elevated Expansion Clamps Motorcycle / ATV Clamp Adapters - Set of 4

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This set of four elevated expansion clamps fits R745 NextGen series tire changers by Ranger Products.

Motorcycle and ATV tire changer adapters let you change difficult, small tires the easy way. These elevated expansion clamps include four adapters that fit over the standard tire changer jaws to accommodate motorcycle and ATV wheels. They add extra clearance for hubs and sprockets and increase the maximum wheel diameter range an additional four inches.

  • Set of four clamp adapters for use on Ranger NextGen  tire changers
  • Perfect for motorcycle and ATV wheels
  • Increases external wheel clamping capacity 4”
  • Heavy steel construction
  • Anodized finish
  • Quick-release, spring-loaded locking pin keeps clamps secured safely to table
  • Set of four
Ranger products offers a full range of wheel service and tire changing accessories to increase the functionality of any professional or hobbyist shop.

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