Black+Decker 13kW/240V Electric Tankless Water Heater Includes Pressure Relief Device, Ideal for a Full Bathroom

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Black+Decker point-of-use tankless electric water heaters provide you with endless hot water only when you need it, without the wait or worry of ever running out. Unlike conventional tank water heaters, which constantly consume energy to keep your water hot 24/7, this eco-friendly, efficient and convenient solution will instantly reduce your energy consumption, eliminate costly water waste and save you money on energy costs simply by heating water on demand. The unit does NOT require any gas lines or venting, and the compact design allows you flexibility to install virtually anywhere - in a cabinet, closet, garage, basement, etc. You can be sure to earn some precious space by installing this unit! Black+Decker Electric Tankless Water Heaters also offer a great value with the assurance the category’s strongest warranty - 7 years leakage free, 5 years on the heat exchanger, and 2 years parts only. (IMPORTANT: inlet temps vary by location and seasonality. Selecting the right water heater depends on your incoming water temperature, flow rate, and desired output temperature. – See Performance Guide or Manual before purchasing.) Should you have any questions and need further assistance, give of our technical support agents a call at 1-844-746-6688, Monday – Friday, 9AM-5:30PM EST.
  • Durable, point-of-use hot water solution ideal for a full bathroom nationwide – Sink and Shower combination

  • Requires 60 Amp double pole dedicated breaker and a 240-Volt connection, 0.5 inch water connection

  • 3 settings: high 13 kW, medium 8.5 kW, low 4.5 kW

  • On-Demand water heating saves up to 50% on water heating costs

  • Easy to install and maintain (professional installation recommended) - no venting or gas lines

  • Includes Pressure Relief Device (PRD) with built-in one-way valve for added value and safety

  • Reference our temperature rise/flow rate chart to confirm if this is the right tankless water heater for your need and confirm that you have the required electrical requirements available on your breaker panel

  • Warranty - 7-years free from leakage, 5 years heat exchanger, and 2-year limited parts only

  • UL Certified and Lead Free

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