Hose Reels

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Ranger's high-capacity hose and reel combination systems work expertly and safely to deliver air, water and oil to your specific automotive project. When used in conjunction with our self-reeling spring-drive mechanisms, Ranger industrial-strength hoses unroll smoothly and then wrap themselves back up when they are no longer needed. A Ranger hose reel is a perfect example of the strength, reliability and clever innovations that have come to be the hallmarks of the Ranger Products brand name shop equipment.

Ranger spring-driven hose reels incorporate robust construction, virtually indestructible materials and superior design. We've specially designed our spring-driven hose reel systems to keep your hoses pumping when you need them and then your work space clear of long, intrusive hoses when you're done. That's the beauty of the Ranger hose storage system. Easily unwrap one of our super-duty hoses and put it to work pumping air, water or oil. The Ranger reel rewind itself all back into a nice neat bundle. Ranger hose reels are just one more way that Ranger makes your life in the garage a whole lot easier.