MaxJax Standard Anchor Bolt Kit

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The standard anchor bolt kit includes 10 recessed anchors, 10 anchor bolts, and 10 flat washers, everything you need to anchor your MaxJax two-post portable car lift safely and securely. Purchasing additional sets will allow you to setup your MaxJax in multiple locations throughout your automotive shop or home garage. For example, if you wanted to lift your vehicle up to remove the wheels in the wash bay and then move MaxJax inside for a thorough cleaning, an additional set of anchor bolts will allow you to do that.

MaxJax anchor bolts are constructed out of a zinc-plated carbon steel body and wedge clip, which will expand to securely anchor your MaxJax posts in place. These drop-in anchors include a wedge-type mechanism that creates a secure hold generating an ultimate tensile strength of up to 16,500-lbs each when installed in 4,000-psi solid masonry and/or uncracked concrete. When combined, that's almost 12 times the maximum capacity of the MaxJax car lift system at 7,000-lbs. in a single post!



  • 10 internally threaded drop-in anchors
  • 10 anchor bolts
  • 10 flat washers
  • Wedge anchor performance with the convenience of a drop-in
  • Wedge clip expands to secure the anchor in place
  • Ultimate tensile strength is up to 16,500 lb. in 4,000-psi concrete
  • Zinc-plated carbon steel body and wedge clip
  • Multiple installations allows MaxJax to be setup anywhere


Drill size 7/8"
Min. Hole Depth 5"
Diameter 7/8"
Inside Diameter 5/8"
Length 5.75"
Tensile Strength 16,500 lbs. (7,484 kg)
Exterior Finish Zinc Plated
Material Carbon Steel
Shipping Weight 15 lbs. (7 kg)
Shipping Dimensions Shipping Dimensions