Proslat Garage Gator Single Canoe & Kayak 220 lb Hoist Kit

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The Garage Gator Single Canoe & Kayak lift maximizes your floor space and takes the heavy lifting out of your overhead storage. With a click of a button have your large bulky items such as a Kayak or Canoe lifted up and out of the way in a matter of seconds.

Indoor kayak storage is a breeze with Garage Gator. Stop climbing up a ladder to store your bulky items. The Garage Gator lift bar lowers to ground level for you to load and secure your boating equipment. Effortlessly eliminate floor clutter– at the push of a button, securely storing your heavy items in your overhead space. The Garage Gator lift comes ready to install with all of the mounting hardware included.

      What's included:

      • Motor mounting plates
      • Motor hoist
      • Ceiling mount with channel plate
      • 16 ft. push-button wired controller
      • 9 ft. lift/hook bar
      • 8 Storage hooks
      • Key lock for safety and limited access
      • Hand control holder hook
      • Kayak or canoe straps (adjustable)
      • Installation hardware


      • Weight Capacity: 220 lb.
      • Bar Width: 9 ft.
      • Lifting Height: 12 ft.
      • Lifting Speed: 30 ft./min
      • Strap Width: 32 mm
      • Cable Length:12 ft.
      • Motor: Electric 460 W 3/5 HP
      • Voltage: 120V/60HZ 4.5AMPs
      • Accommodates 9-15 ft. ceilings
      • Designed for indoor use

      Take control of your clutter with Storage Elevator and store:

      • Aquatic Gear
      • Kayaks
      • Canoes
      • Paddle Sports Gear