Rotary R544Plus Pro Truck 3D Wheel Balancer

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Product Manual/Brochure:

This versatile commercial truck balancer can handle all large jobs.  Designed for fast accurate balancing of commercial, passenger vehicle and motorcycle wheels.  It’s a big package that’ll handle everything that’ll roll into your shop.

  • Includes Passenger, Light Truck, and Heavy Duty adapters standard
  • Pneumatic wheel lift standard
  • Pneumatic locking (No Wingnut)
  • Pneumatic Positioning Lock
  • Color Monitor for easy operation
  • Glove-friendly keypad


Automatic Lock Position

When the cover is lowered, the balancer will automatically begin to spin the shaft.

The balancer automatically stops in
the external unbalanced position.

The balancer automatically rotates
to the internal side.

Finally, it automatically stops in
the internal unbalanced position.


Linked directly to a standard monitor, the durable touch pad allows for a “gloved” input protecting the monitor from grease and grime.

Digital calliper with optical sensor, with alloy shaft
reads distance and diameter up to 26″.

The Rotary R544Plus balancer comes with
a pneumatic lock on the wheel shaft.

Air lift allows quick and easy mounting of a wheel up to 441lbs. to the shaft.

Width Arm Gauge comes with the R544Plus.
3D wheel-tire sensor caliper for an automatic measurement of the rim.

Includes a diameter gauge, weight hammer, 3.5oz test weight (100g), calibration bar and calibration weight.


Technical Data


Rim Diameter

10″ – 30

Rim Width

1.5″ – 22″

Max Tire Diameter


Maximum Wheel Weight

441 lbs. (200kg)

Read Out Accuracy

10g Commercial 

1g Passenger Vehicle

Rotation Speed (rpm)

 80 Commercial 

100 Passenger Vehicle

Power Supply

110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø

Free Shipping
Product Manual/Brochure:
Rim Diameter:
10″ – 30
Rim Width:
1.5″ – 22″
Max Tire Diameter:
Maximum Wheel Weight:
441 lbs. (200kg)
Read Out Accuracy:
10g Commercial / 1g Passenger Vehicle
Rotation Speed (rpm):
80 Commercial / 100 Passenger Vehicle
Power Supply:
110v / 60 Hz / 1Ø