Wheel Aligners

You know it, and so do your customers: potholes can wreak absolute havoc on cars, and if you’re a professional garage, you’d be remiss not to have the automotive garage equipment necessary to fix the damages done. Flat tires, scraped front ends, and, of course, the dreaded out-of-alignment wheel are all troubles that potholes can cause. When customers come in asking you to save them from their alignment woes, there’s no other product you need than the 3D Pro Imaging wheel aligner from Ranger. 

Why the fancy name? Because this aligner allows mechanics to perform more wheel alignments, more efficiently, in less time than traditional aligning systems. The computer interface of this aligner contains the fastest such software we’ve had in stock yet! Of course, your garage tool boxes are always going to be a part of the everyday garage life, but don’t count out the wonders of new technology, either! This Ranger aligner allows for dramatic increases in alignment production, meaning you can increase revenues by serving more customers in less time. 

So the next time you drive a wonky-aligned car over those rough-and-tough garage floor tiles and need to figure out how to complete this latest job, go right to your Ranger 3D Pro Imaging wheel aligner. It’ll help you do what you need and move on fast. 

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iDEAL 3D Image Wheel Aligner
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