Cool Boss CB-26SL Portable Evaporative Air Cooler

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The latest addition to the Cool Boss family: the CB-26. This portable air cooler is more than up to the task of providing cool, refreshing air. All you need to get started is an everyday source of power, some water, and the natural process of evaporation.

The CB-26 is extremely versatile and provides serious cooling solutions both at home and at the warehouse. Like the rest of the Cool Boss family, the CB-26 comes sporting Cool Boss patented Honeycool Evaporative Media pads which soaks up water like a sponge. Then, when hot air comes into contact with our media pads, it naturally cools down the air through evaporation.

The CB-26 comes with durable easy-roll locking swivel casters so you’re able to effortlessly transport your Cool Boss wherever you need it the most. Combine that with its compact design, and you get an AC alternative that goes from stow to go in moments. The CB-26 features 26” Blue Flex™ axial flow fan blades which pumps out 6,027 CFM and pulls a high volume of air at low RPMs. It will alter its shape slightly at higher RPMs. It’s hardly noticeable, but it results in reduced engine drag and increased energy efficiency. That means that your low energy bill just got lower. Can’t beat that, right?

The exciting thing about the CB-26 is that although this is part of the COOLBREEZE Series, it’s also a hybrid with the COOLBLAST Series. It has the automatic swing louvers that you’ll find on every COOLBREEZE model, but then it is equipped with the negative air ionizer found on COOLBLAST models. With the swing louvers, you’re able to precisely direct cold air where you want it, and the negative air ionizer makes sure that any bacteria in the air becomes easily stuck to walls and floors, making cleanup as simple as can be.

The CB-26 joins the rest of the Cool Boss lineup in providing a cost-effective solution to traditional AC. Easy set-up, simple controls, and powerful gusts of cool air make Cool Boss the perfect addition to any outdoor setting. Cool Boss is the ideal space-saving, money-saving, and air-cooling solution out there.


  • Oscillating auto-swing louvers
  • Blue Flex™ axial-flow fan
  • Remote control with a convenient holder
  • Automatic water source shutoff
  • Durable ABS plastic shell construction 
  • Space-saving design
  • Honeycool™ evaporative media
  • Extra-long power cord
  • User-friendly controls


Dimensions (A x B x C) 43 in. x 27 in. x 66 in. 1,102.3 mm x 681 mm x 1,666 mm
Fan diameter 26" (660 mm)
Media Dimension 39 in. (H) x 14 in. (W) x 6 in. (D) 99 cm (H) x 35 cm (W) x 15 cm (D)
Motor Standard 110V / 60 Hz / 1 Ph
Motor Optional 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph
Weight Empty 209 lbs. / 94.8 kg
Weight Full 609 lbs. / 276 kg
Water Capacity 50 gal. / 185 liters
Max. Airflow 7,115 CFM 201.47 cmm
Cooling Area 3,055 sq. ft. 283.81 sq. m.
Sound Level 73 to 97 dB
UL® Certified Yes
Fan Speed 10-Speed
Fan RPM 1,130
Fan Type Axial
Inlet Water Temp. <45°C / 113°F
Housing Antibacterial
Power Cord Length 15 feet / 4.5 m
Power CB-26SL: 110 VAC, 5.2 A Max., 60 Hz, Single Phase

**Optional power 208-230V / 50-60 Hz / 1 Ph

Cool Boss evaporative air coolers offer an energy-efficient cooling option when the air is hot with low humidity, such as in drier climates or wherever humidity levels are at 60% or less for maximum efficiency.

*All specifications mentioned are under random test conditions. Actual performance depends on the surrounding environment and ambient air conditions. Specifications may vary in different countries and climates and are subject to change without prior notice. Water Capacity is the total volume of water that can be contained within the air cooler water reservoir and water distribution system.

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