Cool Boss CB-20HVLS 20 ft. Diameter Industrial Overhead Fan

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Ready to ditch that huge electric bill? The CB-20HVLS delivers energy-efficient cooling to your place of business. Boost productivity and proficiency with Cool Boss.

Get a cool, comfortable airflow with the CB-20HVLS. Cool Boss HVLS fans are the perfect addition to large areas such as warehouses, factories, gyms, agricultural facilities, and more. Their massive size makes them the ideal choice for keeping large spaces nice and comfortable. The CB-20HVLS provides excellent air circulation while reducing energy cost, meaning your energy bills just got lower. Invest in a superior work environment with Cool Boss!

When factories need to cool off, traditional AC alone isn’t the ideal choice for a few reasons. For starters, effectively cooling down such large areas will cost a fortune in electric bills. It’s also possible that some older buildings may not be outfitted with AC systems, and that cost is daunting to say the least.

Cool Boss HVLS fans provide a low-noise solution to keeping you and your workers in comfortable conditions and will keep you from needing the AC to be running non-stop. The silence will keep them from being distracted, and the massive fan blades will distribute gigantic amounts of air around, keeping the air feeling fresh. Cool Boss HVLS fans are built to last and are extremely energy efficient.

To get the most out of your HVLS fan, you’re going to want to pair it up with a Cool Boss evaporative air cooler! The air cooler will pump out massive amounts of cold air, which will then be distributed throughout your work area thanks to the effective fan blades. This combo working hand in hand creates ideal working conditions, resulting in an increase in productivity and morale.

You may think that massive fans are just for summer, right? Not so! As we all know, heat rises, and once winter comes around, you’re more likely to be blasting that heater. Suppose the second floor is twenty degrees warmer than the first, with the first being 70°F. That’s a pretty severe change in temp. Then you’re wasting more money by continuing to use the heater when it’s having little effect on your first floor, or you can effectively mix the air. By using an HVLS fan to push the air down, you mix the air and create a more comfortable work environment overall. It won’t make the first-floor cooler, it’ll just evenly distribute air. This process is known as Destratification, and it ends up improving energy efficiency, comfort, productivity, as well as equipment performance.


  • Energy-efficient
  • Enhance productivity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Magnet motor extends life
  • Low noise levels
  • Durable construction


Fan diameter 20 ft. / 6.1 m
Motor and Mount 11.75 in. / 320 mm
Motor Diameter 13 in. / 330 mm
Blade to Motor 8.75 in. / 220 mm
RPM 60 RPM Max.
Number of Blades 5
Air Volume 448,496 cfm / 12,700 cmm
Fan Hanging Weight 282 lbs. / 128 kg
Voltage/Current 208-230 VAC,5 Amps
Frequency/Phase 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.
UL Certification Yes
Intertek ETL Listed Yes
Ceiling Height Min. 11 ft. / 3.5 m
Control Cable Length ≈80 ft. / 25 m
Operating Temperature +5° to +131° F / -15° to +55° C
Operating Humidity <95% Non-Condensing
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