RaceDeck Diamond Tread 12" x 12"

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With over 20 years of engineering quality, the multi-patent RaceDeck is the industry leader in modular flooring. RaceDeck is engineered to withstand the toughest of mechanical environments resisting oil, antifreeze, brake fluid, gasoline, and household chemicals. Requires No Tools and makes No Mess! With RaceDeck you simply "snap" together your floor creating a high tech finished look in hours, not days.

  • RaceDeck is the Industry leader with more modular garage floors sold and installed than all other competitors combined.
  • A “multi-patented” floor system that has been engineered to withstand the toughest mechanical environments.
  • Engineered to handle extreme vehicle rolling load capacities. The toughest in the Industry.
  • Resistant to oil, grease, petroleum products, antifreeze and most household chemicals.
  • Designed to keep you and your machine up and away from dirt, mud, debris, and flowing liquids giving you a professional clean work area.
  • Installation is a “SNAP”! No tools required, simply “snap” together to form any size custom floor.
  • UV stable and stain resistant.
  • Engineered to be used on any flat surface, both indoors and outdoors.
  • Easy to clean. Just hose off or mop it.
  • More color and style options than all other modular flooring manufacturers combined.
  • Made in USA with a 15 year limited warranty

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