Tuxedo WB-CB66-VE Wheel Balancer

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  • Large Rim Diameter Balancing up to 28" Rim diameter & 44" overall Wheel Diameter
  • Multi-Mode Vehicle Balancing for SUV, Car & Motorcycle
  • Manual measurement input for distance & diameter
  • 5 ALU Standard modes and 2 ALU Smart balancing methods
  • Laser Indicator lights up automatically at the unbalance weight position under ALUS mode in the 6 o'clock wheel position
  • Light Indicator illuminates inside of wheel automatically at the unbalanced weight position, simplifies wheel weight applications
  • Foot Pedal Braking System conveniently secures the wheel in the unbalanced position to accurately apply wheel weights
  • Power Saving Mode - automatically puts machine in stand-by mode after 5 minutes of non-usage
  • Pegs for Accessories
  • Included: Hood, Hammer, Caliper, Cone Sets (small, medium & large), Bowl Clamps, Calibration Weight & Speed Nut

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