Wheel Balancers

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Dannmar B-100 Wheel Balancer
MSRP: $1,679.00
Sale Price: $1,599.00
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Ranger DST-2420 Dynamic Wheel Balancer
MSRP: $2,505.00
Sale Price: $2,095.00
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Ranger RWS-1B Bubble Wheel Balancer
MSRP: $170.00
Sale Price: $145.00
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Any seasoned automotive professional can tell you there's a dramatic difference between a disgruntled come-back and a pleased repeat customer. Wheel balancers by Ranger are that difference. The full impact of truly accurate wheel balance work on vehicle performance and customer satisfaction can never be overstated. Make sure that you are giving your customers the very best. Give them wheel balance perfection by Ranger. After over a decade of developing our wheel-balance technologies, the Ranger RB24TDST64T and DST-2420 have reached the very pinnacle of reliability, repeatability and precision. The proven direct-axis drive system is accurate within hundredths of an ounce and guarantees that wheels are balanced, vibration-free.

All ​wheel balancers feature better-than-necessary rugged construction, a heavy-duty steel body and solid electronics that you can depend on. Superior wheel balancer features like a simple ergonomic design, a complete accessories package, the direct-axis drive system and user-friendly settings management deliver quality you can count on. A Ranger Wheel Balancer will likely be the most sophisticated piece of equipment in your entire shop because we engineered it with a robust set of user-friendly features. After all, you're a tire and wheel specialist—you shouldn't have to be a computer engineer too. Our easy-to-read display panel and simple ergonomic controls let you and your technicians immediately jump into the action with minimal training. Your bottom line has never looked so good.