Cool Boss CB-16HVLS 16 ft. Diameter Industrial Overhead Fan

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Don’t let hot temperatures keep you down. With the CB-16HVLS from Cool Boss you’re able to provide energy efficient cooling solutions to exceptionally large areas.

The CB-16HVLS provides year-round cooling solutions. Keeping you and your team in comfortable conditions ensures many benefits, like increasing overall productivity. Not only will your team be able to work at maximum efficiency when they’re not overheated, but they will also be far more likely not to make small mistakes that could end up costing you big. The CB-16HVLS has been expertly crafted with high-grade materials to ensure you get that refreshing breeze that Cool Boss is known for! Our blades are built using a sturdy aluminum alloy to ensure you a long service life!

The beauty of Cool Boss HVLS fans is the fact that it’s not just for hot days. Once winter rolls around odds are that you’ll be using a heater more and more frequently. Since heat rises, multi-floor facilities will find the upper floors being significantly hotter than lower ones. Rather than continuing to blast the heater, you can simply push the hot air down with the CB-16HVLS! Mixing the warm air and cold air is a process known as Destratification, and it creates an overall better working environment, not to mention it's the far more cost-effective solution.

Agricultural environments are often really large, sometimes too large to the point that traditional AC as your only means of cooling off makes no sense cost-wise. This is another situation where a HVLS fan is a welcome addition. As Cool Boss HVLS fans do their thing, one of the results is that you’ll notice reduced humidity, improved ventilation, and just an overall better environment for people, animals, and plants. Improved air circulation reduces heat stress in both workers and animals, meaning workers will experience increased productivity, animals will be healthier, and there will be higher crop yields. Cool Boss HVLS fans and Cool Boss Evaporative air coolers are just better together! The air coolers provide the chilling air, and then the HVLS fans provide the means to effectively distribute them across huge spaces! This combo results in the ultimate means of increasing productivity and morale! It doesn’t just make you and your workers more productive, the CB-16HVLS also makes everyone healthier. Proper ventilation is incredibly important when it comes to keeping people healthy, and these fans are more than up to the task when it comes to air circulation. Keep your workers happy and healthy with Cool Boss!


  • Energy-efficient
  • Creates healthy work environment
  • Destratification
  • Enhance productivity
  • User-friendly operation
  • Magnet motor extends life
  • Low noise levels
  • Durable construction


Fan diameter 16.5 ft. / 5 m
Motor and Mount 11 in. / 280 mm
Motor Diameter 13 in. / 330 mm
Blade to Motor 8.25 in. / 210 mm
RPM 78 RPM Max.
Number of Blades 6
Air Volume 360,210 cfm / 10,200 cmm
Fan Hanging Weight 209.5 lbs. / 95 kg
Voltage/Current 208-230 VAC, 5 Amps
Frequency/Phase 50/60 Hz, 1 Ph.
UL Certification Yes
Intertek ETL Listed Yes
Ceiling Height Min. 10 ft. / 3 m
Control Cable Length ≈80 ft. / 25 m
Operating Temperature +5° to +131° F / -15° to +55° C
Operating Humidity <95% Non-Condensing
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