iDEAL MSC18KX-CRSBM MSC Crossbeam Adapter 22,000 lbs.- 33,000 lbs. ALI Certified

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The MSC18KX-CRSBM Cross Beam Adapter allows you to use the MSC-18K-X to lift heavy duty vehicles from the frame for wheels free lifting which expands service and maintenance options.  The Cross Beam Adapters can be used individually with the MSC-18K-X-236 (Two Columns) to lift one end of a vehicle or in pairs using the MSC-18K-X-472 (Four Columns) to lift an entire vehicle.  Each Cross Beam Adapter comes with three sets of Heavy Duty Pad Adapters for use with specific lift point applications.  We include two Standard Pad Adapters, two Axle Pad Adapters and two Cradle Pad Adapters.  The MSC18KX-CRSBM can be used with the iDEAL MSC-18K-X and the iDEAL MSC-13K-B Mobile Wheel Engaging Lifts.


Capacity 22,000 – 33,000 lbs.
Min/Max Pad Width 6 1/4″ – 110″
Min/Max Pad Heights 20″ – 25″
Overall Length 121″
Overall Width 53 1/4″
Beam Width 8″