Ranger RJS-1T 1,650-lb.High Reach Jack Stand

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This high reach jack stand stabilizes up to 1,650 lbs. worth of vehicle while it’s up on a 2 or 4-post lift.

Extended-Reach Jack Stand to Stabilize Lifted Vehicles

The RJS-1T high-reach jack stand is essential for any work that will change the center of balance on your vehicle. When heavy pieces of equipment are removed from the vehicle for maintenance, the manufacturer-recommended lift points on that vehicle no longer represent the safest lifting points. To prevent accidental and detrimental slippage or tipping, a high-reach jack stand is necessary to ensure safety and balance.

Over 80” lets you work with virtually any car lift. When you pull a transmission or engine from a raised vehicle, you change the weight distribution considerably, and with vehicles that high in the air, you need a tool that can reach them with ease. Ranger high reach jacks are just the tool to keep everything steady. They’re also ideal for holding drive-train or exhaust components in position beneath raised vehicles.

When a vehicle is lifted on a car lift, the RJS-1T High Reach Jack Stand is the ideal selection for stabilizing your precious load. Totally adaptable, the hardened ACME screw adjusts to heights between 54.5" and 80.5", while the thick rubber on the stabilization pad provides maximum support. Its 12” base plates ensure maximum stability during use. You’ll be impressed by how stable and secure your vehicle remains when performing some of the trickier undercarriage maintenance tasks. It addition to offering excellent support, the RJS-1T is incredibly mobile and lightweight enough to never strain your back or cause logistical problems when fitting it into place. This high-reach jack stand is safe, rugged and entirely zero-maintenance for as long as you own it.


  • Perfect for holding drive-train or exhaust components in position
  • Stabilizes vehicles that are raised on lifts
  • Heavy-steel construction for maximum durability
  • Quick adjust spin handle with thrust bearing
  • Hardened ACME screw for easy adjustment
  • Wide base provides maximum stability
  • Thick, rubber adjustable pad for maximum support

  • Holding capacity: 1,650 lbs. / 748 kg
  • Lowered height: 54-1/2" / 1,382 mm
  • Maximum height: 80-1/2" / 2,045 mm
  • Base dimensions: 12" / 305 mm (diameter)
  • Shipping weight: 32 lbs. / 15 kg
  • Shipping dimensions: 53" x 14" x 4" / 1,346 mm x 356 mm x 102 mm
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